Open Office and Libre Office Documents

Password protection can be added to Open Office (Libre Office) by using the in built document encryption function. Recovering these passwords is not a simple matter as the encryption algorithm used for Open Office documents is strong.

Recovery of the password can be achieved by retrieving the hash from the document and matching the hash against calculated hashes of known strings. This is a similar methodology to that used in cracking other hashes such as MD5 password recovery, SHA1 password recovery or even Microsoft Office document password recovery (Word doc / Excel xls).

The same algorithm is used for all types of Open Office document including Writer (odt), Calc (ods), Impress (odp) and Draw (odg).

Using a known list of passwords we can calculate hashes and attempt to recovery the password. Try our Libre Office password recovery tool here, to attempt to crack the password of an encrypted document.

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Open Office Password Recovery

Using CudaHashcat Password Tool or John the Ripper to crack the Open (or Libre) Office document password is the best bet. These tools can use high speed graphics processing chips to crack the hashes faster than your even the fastest of CPU’s. Even using cutting edge GPU’s these passwords are difficult to recover as the algorithm is one of the strongest used in when compared to other standard document or file encryption algorithms.