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Nvidia GTX 1080 Hashcat Benchmarks

Attacking hashes with GPU’s has become a bit of a sport amongst hard core enthusiasts. Everyone likes to test the latest hardware with Hashcat. Overclocking is common practice in order to squeeze the last drop of power from the hardware.

Here are some newly released benchmarks from The company sells a beast of a system that contains eight NVIDIA GTX 1080 custom designed for password cracking.

They have released benchmarks that show MD5 hashes being cracked at over 200 GH/s.

Here is a sample of the results, head over to github for the complete results.

Hashtype: MD5

Speed.Dev.#1.: 24943.1 MH/s (97.53ms)
Speed.Dev.#2.: 24788.6 MH/s (96.69ms)
Speed.Dev.#3.: 25022.2 MH/s (97.76ms)
Speed.Dev.#4.: 25106.6 MH/s (97.42ms)
Speed.Dev.#5.: 25114.1 MH/s (97.42ms)
Speed.Dev.#6.: 24924.1 MH/s (97.30ms)
Speed.Dev.#7.: 25197.9 MH/s (97.30ms)
Speed.Dev.#8.: 25246.4 MH/s (97.00ms)
Speed.Dev.#*.:   200.3 GH/s

That seems pretty quick!! If we compare that to a previous benchmark article where a 36 core AWS (Amazon Web Services) node was used to benchmark hashcat. In these results the system is using CPU cores rather than GPU cores.

Hash type: MD5
Speed/sec: 380.02M words

That confirms it, 200.3 GH/s is pretty quick. 🙂