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Nvidia GTX 1080 Hashcat Benchmarks

Attacking hashes with GPU’s has become a bit of a sport amongst hard core enthusiasts. Everyone likes to test the latest hardware with Hashcat. Overclocking is common practice in order to squeeze the last drop of power from the hardware. Here are some newly released benchmarks from The company[…]

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John the Ripper Tutorial and Tricks

John the Ripper is an old school hacker tool. It has been around since the early days of Unix based systems and was always the go to tool for cracking passwords. When you needed to recover passwords from /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow in more modern *nix systems, JTR was always ready[…]

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Hashcat Tutorial and Tricks

Make Hashcat sing with this easy to follow tutorial. Hashcat is an advanced password cracker that computes hashes really fast. It works by attempting to find a matching hash that is calculates from a known string. If matched this string is the password you were trying to recover. That is[…]

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